Letter written by women

When I had given a birth only for 2 months, they asked another girl for bride and left for wedding feast with family

She gave birth to her son in 2011. Became a mother. She is a new mother who is not yet 21 and is not yet a single mom. The boy’s father heard about the pregnancy and wanted to end the relationship. Be a little bit. Be proud. It didn’t matter, I was divorcing because I wanted to take out the child. But after the baby is born inside, she will come back to see the baby, and the men will always turn around and give birth to the lamb.

But that person did not come. When I was born 2 months ago, there was a rumor that he asked another girl as his bride and was going to a wedding party with his family. And since then, it has been forgotten. I was not ashamed to be a single mother. I tell anyone that I am a single mom. In addition to his work life, he will definitely look after his father’s hand.

Show your son. He said that he would leave his son and go here and there. I began to think that men should not sit with people. My son is a school student. I will go to the parent meeting. 1st grade parents’ meeting. At the 2nd meeting, my son’s classmate, another beautiful boy, sat in the meeting by himself because his father did not come.

Why does Evie come to a meeting for such a small thing? My son seemed to be very good friends with that boy, and he was just laughing and whispering. The meeting broke up and the other boy was taken home. The boy called his father and said, “Pick him up when he comes down.” The father came out, took his son, thanked me, gave my son a stick of candy, kissed his own son, and walked away.

I thought that he is a warm young man with beautiful eyes. I was given the task of preparing dance costumes for the art examination and teaching the cha-cha dance costumes of 4 girls and 4 boys in my son’s class. Additional strength and father of the other boy.

When I finish dressing my children’s clothes and go home, my son’s friend’s mother doesn’t come and pick them up from my son? His father is the most visible. Mom, this is just like me. I said until I was shocked, I wonder if there is no father or mother. After talking about this to my girlfriend on the phone, my son’s classmate’s father is a very cool guy and a single father.

Really strange. Ever since his son asked this question, the single father sometimes thinks about the warm young man in his eyes. But it hardly matches. Because my other daughter is often picked up by her grandmother. One day, my son left early, and the other son came with his father.

If my son leaves early, he won’t call his mother, he will pick her up and go out. He left saying that he delivered it just to show you. My face was red, my heart was pounding, and I barely looked back to see what was lying around and went home.

My son stopped coming home after school and went to play with the other boy. Even when we went to see the city together by bus, he disappeared and the boy’s father and I were scared to death and searched for him.
As I was getting more and more concerned about my two sons, whom I would meet little by little, my son said to the other father, “You can be friends with my mother. When she sees you at school, she puts on her face and puts on makeup quickly.”

I don’t know if it was because of this word or if it was just a coincidence that my father called me from time to time.
They started dating secretly under the pretext of sending their 2 sons to rehearse together. I was hiding it from the 2 boys. Little by little, the things we talk about the most are our children, and the children have become more friends by playing and making friends together.

2 disobedient boys became friends and grew up together, my son became a father, and I became the mother of another boy. I don’t think the saying that the most suitable age to start a family is over 29 years old. We talk that our two sons brought us together.

If people ask where you met, after the parents’ meeting, people’s eyes will be very beautiful.
Half-heartedly, he seems to be unable to get used to this life and his current family, and he pinches himself from time to time.

My husband is lucky enough to take a woman who doesn’t care about me because of her son and has 2 sons. Most people ask if your two boys are twins. As you can see, my two sons have very similar faces and they have two moles in the same place under their eyes. I wish it was just a matter of luck.

I pray that my whole family will not be divided again. I am a happy housewife and mother of 2 boys. Thanks for posting. Wish everyone happiness.

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