Letter written by women

Unwillingly she walked the path of a prostitu.te to get to her mother and son

I decided to share my darkest past on your website. I hope that if I share it, that story will never come to my dreams again. In 2001, 20 years ago, after graduating from the high school, I entered a private university. At that time, it was really difficult to pay tuition fees.

Faced with a choice between taking a money from my mother’s disability benefits or losing my studies and working on the side, I worked as a waitress at a 24-hour pub after lessons. Even though she is not good at lessons, but she goes to work without skipping a beat.

In fact, even if she works with the dream that her salary will contribute to the tuition fee, but the monthly salary of 20$ is divided into two parts. When my shift is over, they would deduct the broken dishes from the salary, and I received 7$ for fifteen days.

Back then, our tuition fees were 200$. Then, my mother used to think about how she could make so much money, it was really difficult. I did not like my job as a waitress, but I kept working because it was nice to have colleagues. After working for exactly one year, I met my son’s father.

A real Mongolian man with a very meticulous hand making saddle silver bowls. An orphan girl who grew up without a father, who was three years older than me, felt that there is such a thing as love. My mother really liked him and was happy about that such a nice boy would become her son-in-law.

We dreamed that he would ask for a bride and have a beautiful Mongolian wedding. I became pregnant. His parents refused to ask for a bride, so we both lived in our house. They fought a lot saying that they would not marry their son to a poor girl with a fatherless and sick mother.

My unborn child is only must have stopped them. Actually, it was not such a rich and full family. Since, the family was a goldsmith with a small business, they were a family with ethics and genealogy. I stopped going to lessons when I became 6 months of pregnancy.

My son’s father used to talk excitedly that as soon as his son was born, he would build a two-story house, and every time when we will have another baby, he would add one more room and it would become a big house. Unfortunately, he really waited a long time for our child.

After thinking about the name for many nights, he used to say that if it a girl he would name her Ankhzul, but if it a boy he would name him Yalalt. The race horse trainers give many orders and make silver hardware for saddles and bridles. He was truly a gifted person.

After I found my son, I opened a bank saving account and started saving all my earnings for my son. Meanwhile, my husband’s parents came and started quarreling. The beggars said that they made our son suffer, and took everything away from them.

But we did not even have neither words to them nor money to respond. Would not it be nice if there was some money? If there I would have something to say. Quarrels about money and gold’s continued unceasingly. On that terrible day, when I was 8 months pregnant, my son’s father committed suicide.

He was found strangled at work. So, I cried myself to death for 5 days and cursed, also became a murder. Therefore, I was born prematurely. Fortunately, my healthy 6.1 pound son came to his mother. I think that if he had been a little more emotional, he would have seen his son, and we would still be living together.

I have survived to take care about my son until he turned one year old, by single mother. I saw my son’s growing teeth, walking unsteadily and making the sound of “mom”. I thought I would just enough to look for a job instead of studying. So, I joined a private kindergarten near my home as a preparer.

He left early and went to his house in a hurry because it was an easy job. It was such an easy job which disperses early, so I can hurry for my son. My husband’s parents have lost contact since my son was born, so do I too.
One day, I met my high school classmate at the bus stop and walked together.

She asked if I will go with her to China together. She said, I do not need any money, she found a job as a bartender in a large high-class restaurant that always hires Mongolian girls. I will get the monthly salary as same as working in Mongolia for 4 or 5 months, so I can save the money.

After thinking about it, it was really possible to come back after working for 6 months. I am good at work and not lazy, so I thought it would be great, so I told my friend that I would go with her. At that time, I did not even know that I was going to the wrong place. After two months later, I have kissed my naughty son, and left my son with my mother, with 60$.

Four girls on their way to work met each other, on the way to the entrance of the road laughing. I was the only one has children, the others did not have children. Reached the destination. Documents were taken into the basement of the address called “Karaoke and sauna massage”.

There was no one who would spoke Mongolian, and I did not understand what was going on the first day. I was wondering when I would be called to learn work and start working in the restaurant. I was wondered why it was smelled stinky cigarettes and such a hot place.

What a bartender. An Inner Mongolian explained that will do the massage, and if the client wants to do the special service the salary will double immediately. I cried and begged to go, but I fell on the ground and cried said that I was mistaken to be here.

The girl who was my friend and the girls were knew from the first that. After working for three months without saying a word, he sent me a letter saying that he could get his documents, get his salary and return, and there was no further discussion. He left me a letter which saying I could get the documents after working for 3 months without any quarrel, so I can get salary and return to home.

It seems that the other three girls started working immediately. I was the only one sitting in the airless basement and crying. I have some thoughts that what was my son and mom was doing? Kind hearted person like my mom would think that her daughter will be fine. I resisted to not eat anything for 6 days, but the situation became worse, and I began to think about the debt I owe them.

It’s time for me to reconcile with them. Well I think, I’ll do it. I will leave immediately after working for 3 months, but if I receive my salary every month, half of my salary will be deducted and the money spent to bring me will be deducted, they said. Think about it, a sweaty old Chinese will touch my body with their smelly body, I could not write more about it. I am sorry.

I did that job for exactly one month. One evening, many Inner Mongolians came. One of them bought me. He was a young man of the same age. I told him the whole truth about me that I came here without knowing anything, and I am only 22 years old now, also have a child. He was a very good man. Or maybe he was just being so good to me.

Anyway, he listened to me. He got me out of that basement with my documents from that filthy scumbag. I went back with no money in my bag, no clothes, one raisin and one water in my hand. At that time, in 2004 and 2005, Mongolian girls were tricked into coming to Beijing and Erenhot to work.

Most of the people who falsely advertised for labor from Mongolia were Mongolians, unbelievable. Newspapers appeared on television a lot since that time, so people probably understood. At that time, some news were appeared on televisions and newspapers a lot. Came home. I cried really hard that could not even hold my son.

Even though my home is poor, I remember how peaceful my home was. After that situation, my head is full of studying. So I graduated from my university that was the right step. When I got the salary I got after working in my first profession, I wanted to announce it on the street. Even now, I work in my profession and shine in my company of good people.

But that terrible memory of 17 years ago comes to mind from time to time. In order to be a strong single mom, I try to push the thought away, saying that I can’t be vulnerable. But now it’s much better when I shared my story.
My son has become a great man.

He has become a handsome tall man who reminds me of my husband that many years ago. My biggest goal is to give my son a good education. My husband’s parents meet my son, and they have a good relationship. I choose to not by being hard on the elderly. My son will live the life of his mother’s dreams. It seems so.
Thank you so much.
I hope to remain anonymous.

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